Here are just a few of the services we can provide

  • Sumo Demonstrations which can feature between 2 and 20 sumo wrestlers
  • Sumo World Champion Photo Opportunities (Give your clients a chance to get a memorable souvenir photo with one of our world class sumo wrestling champions)
  • Sumo Champion Autograph Sessions
  • Sumo Champion Hand Print (Tegata) Souvenirs
  • Trade Show Sumo Models
  • Corporate Parties. Sumo wrestlers are a great meet and greet at Corporate events as well as providing stunning and dynamic sumo demonstrations at your event
  • Private Parties
  • Sumo Stunt Performers. Our sumo wrestlers are regularly used for stuntman in the TV and Film world
  • Japanese Cultural/Sumo Lectures, Readings .These can be tailored made to your specific requirements whether it be a corporate, cultural, educational or after dinner speech, using the latest presentation technology
  • Taiko Drummers, Kimono Dancers, Geisha Girls, Ninjas and Acrobats can be supplied to supplement your event


Sumo Sumo Stars are just a phone call away from being present at your photo shoot, trade booth or special event and will definitely create an immense buzz a buzz, creating a lasting impression on everyone, leaving your competitors jealous of the fact the attraction that your company or product has received so much interest and attention by using our giant sumo wrestlers. These men are the largest, most charismatic and professional actors and athletic performers that you will ever work with. Do not hesitate and book us today we will make your event rock. You won't have any regrets apart from you have not used us earlier.

We are the only agency in the world providing Japanese Sumo world champions who have wrestled at the highest level in Japan as Sekitori Rikishi at Makuuchi level in the same division as the Yokozuna.