Past Projects

T-Mobile commercial


The Blockbuster movie "Ushi Must Marry" hit in the Netherlands
Sumo wrestler Mark Sagato and Wendy van Dijk supplied by


Volkswagen Jetta poster campaign with sumo wrestler; India


Gitex 2011 Electronic Trade Fair Dubai,UAE.Sumo wrestler Nara supporting Fujitsu.

Bollywood film production

India "China Town"(libor sumo models)

photo_libor_model photo_libor_model

Tata Sumo TV Commercial India

Other projects

Hole in the wall Sumo Single Sumo Fight


Private birthday party2007St Tropez, France1,000 guestsCelebration
Garden Party2008Dubai, UAE900 guestsExclusive resort appearance
Sporting event2006Kuwait, City, Kuwait5,000 guestsOpening event party
Automobile Company2006Monaco3,400 guestsCorporate celebration
Private embers Only Club2004Beverly Hills, CA700 guestsVIP beach party
Music awards2005London, England300 guestsBeach & penthouse shows
Polo Club200Beverly Hills, CA1,500 guestsVIP Event
Birthday event at Royal household2007EuropePrivate invitation event


Gitex 2011 Electronic Trade Fair Dubai2011Dubai, UAE50,000 guests per day10 days live interaction with the public and product promotion
Clothing Trade Show2005Milan, Italy 9,000 guests6 days on the cat walk
Computer Expo2007Singapore 12,000 guestsProduct Promotion
Mipcom2006Cannes, France45,000 guests6 days. The largest TV media fair in the World
Electronics Trade Show2007Amsterdam, Netherlands7,000 guests3 days of product promotion
Trade Fair2008Hanover, Germany41,000 guests7 days sumo stage shows and photo memorabilia shots
Fashion trade Show2008Manhatten, NY12,500 guestsProduct promotion
Medical trade show2009
Travel Agency trade show2000Utrecht, The Netherlands25,000 guestsUltra sound product testing


International Opera2009Europe18,0000 guests Live appearance
Electronics Company 2007Tel Aviv, Israel3,000 guestsseveral days of live shows
Attraction Park, Paris France 2007Columbus, OH150,000 guestsfour days of sumo events
TV Celebrity Show2007Brussels, Belgium18,000 guestsGrand Opening
Japanese Chamber of Commerce2009Amsterdam, CA7,000Live tournament and demonstrations
National Olympic Committees2006Europe52,000 guestsLive sumo for all demonstrations
Euro Sport2000Amsterdam, The Netherlands1500 guestsLive sumo demonstrations
Department Store1999Europe, 22 locations150,000 guestsLive demonstrations over 8 days

Meeting with Japanese Professional Sumo Federation


Electronics Firm Corporate Party on the beach in Cannes


City of Amsterdam Promotion


Sports Festival with Emmanuel Yarborough 360kg