Q. Sumo wrestler needed, required?

Your troubles are over; you do not have to search any further. Congratulations you now have access to the best Japanese, Asian and International sumo talent in the world ready and waiting for you.

Q. Who are your wrestlers?

We have an international network of sumo Talent, including authentic ex- professional Japanese sumo wrestlers, world-class international sumo wrestlers and Japanese World Sumo Champions exclusively under contract to sumomodels.com. We are the only model agency in the world with this unique collection of International Sumo Stars.

Our extensive portfolio also includes professional sumo actors and entertainers. Our database and portfolio contains wrestlers from all ethnic backgrounds .All our wrestlers have the authentic Japanese look of a conventional sumo wrestler. Our wrestlers range from between 110 kg up to a whopping 320 kg, we have presently 5 sumo wrestlers above 200kg. Wow they really are impressive .Due to our unique placing in the international market many major international casting; modeling and advertising bureaus contact us for the use of our sumo models along with internationally renowned event organizers.

Q. What can these sumo performers do?

All our professional sumo wrestlers have a vast experience with modeling and acting roles. They are all great entertainers and are experienced actors and have great interactions kills with an audience or the general public. We even have sumo wrestlers who can ski, dance sing and play musical instruments (but not all at the same time). Our sumo wrestlers come from all backgrounds and can adapt your every need and wishes, be it for a photo shoot, TV advertisement, personal appearance or simply giving a sumo demonstration or clinic no project is to wild or crazy for us. Whether it is for a TV Game show, Car show, reality TV, TV Documentary show or massive sumo giant warriors are ready for the challenge, even traditional Japanese sumo cooking of the famed Chanko –Nabe.

Q. Where are these sumo wrestlers located?

Our Sumo Wrestlers are based throughout the world so if you need one in the USA, Europe even the Middle East, UAE, Oceania or Australia they are ready and available to travel. We have wrestlers based in every continent. If it's got an airport or name we'll get there. Our wrestlers are only a telephone call away from your project.

For enquiries please contact us at info@sumomodels.com, use our contactform

Q. Do you organize Sumo Tournaments?

Yes, our company has a vast experience in organizing and running World Class International Sumo Tournaments throughout the World. Once again if you would be interested in holding a Sumo Tournament we are only a telephone call away or mail us at info@sumomodels.com, or use the contact form.

Q. Do you have TV production and Film production services?

Yes we do, here at sumomodels.com we have our own production services .We can make a clip in our own studios or dispatch the necessary production and film crew to anywhere in the world, normally at very competitive prices. If you are looking for an in house promotional film, the production of a video film or viral for the internet or you tube market we can attend to your every needs as we have at our disposal a full production company to arrange everything from A to Z.

Q. How much does it cost to book sumo wrestlers?

The price to book one of our Sumo Wrestler's depends on the nature of your project and the type of Sumo Wrestler that you may require. We are more than happy to discuss details of your project with you in order to determine which Sumo Wrestlers fit with your requested project and requirements.

Q. Can I book more than one wrestler?

Yes of course. For any one project you book we have available up to 32 sumo wrestlers at any one time.

Q. Do sell sumo articles.

Yes we do, we are a world leader in the international sale of all articles related to sumo, which we import directly from Japan, and if it's got anything to do with sumo we sell it or can get it. “We would like to visit a sumo training or competition in Japan, is this possible?” Yes once again sumomodels.com can help here. Whether it be a visit to an early morning sumo training session in Tokyo accompanied by an experienced guide, where you get a unique experience of sampling the famous delicacy of all Japanese Sumo wrestlers the Chanko Nabe in a traditional atmosphere at a real Japanese Heya/Behya (sumo club) you are more than welcome. If you would like to visit a Basho (15 day sumo tournament, held 6 times a year) we would also be more than happy to help you in arranging and booking your tickets for the event and supplying all relevant information.

Q. Can you arrange tickets for Sumo Basho's?

Yes we can. Let us know your required dates and we can help with tickets and also arrange accommodation for you if required, all at reasonable prices

Q. I have some more questions, how can I contact you?

Please fill in and submit our contact form and we will and we get back to you normally within the same working day. Skype sumomodels , Telephone +32 484504243 email info@sumomodels.com or sumomodels@gmail.com